Monday, August 10, 2009

The High Dive...

This Norman Rockwell picture pretty much describes it... even if it seems cliche. I'm at a very interesting jumping off point, and I feel a little like this kid... Only I'm pretty stoked about the jump. I'd like to think I'm embracing the butterflies that are swimming around in my stomach. The jump hasn't happened quite yet, but I'll be honest; I'm enjoying the anticipation and wouldn't change a thing about it! :)


Don said...

Thanks for the tease. "What jumping off point?"

Calm and confident... excited and slightly unsure.

I wonder if Rockwell could capture that mix?

Picture this: a perfect swan dive, cleanly cutting the surface, and a smiling You emerging from the pool!

Well done!

Miss H~ said...

I like the picture... and maybe that will happen. Who knows?? For now, I'll savor the swan dive image! :) Thanks, as usual! :)