Friday, September 11, 2009



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Dan Felstead said...

Miss H..thank you for posting the link to my blog. I was in the area on that fateful day...If you or your students look at a map of New York City and surroundings...look for the Husdon river on the west side of Manhattan...just on the west bank at the southern tip of the Manhattan Island is Jersey City New Jersey, In the banks of the Hudson is the Jersey City Hilton...directly across from where the Hudson from where the twin towers stood.

I could see the detestation, hear the sounds and only guess at the horror of that day at ground zero. It changed my life and how I approach each day, thankful for what I have.

I love in Southern Indiana. Since all of the flights were grounded for the New York City area for the entire week, after about 4 days I finally found a rental car available and some one in an office to rent it to me and I drove home back to Indiana. As i drove through Pennsylvania and Ohio I saw the fear in American's eyes as I stopped for gas, I saw pride in small towns with huge flags raised...flags on overpasses...strangers - now friendly and more helpful than ever before. I only wish we could have kept that as time now separates us from the event. It seems that human nature has taken over and is pulling us back into our cocoons.

It is my prayer that our children and their children never have to go through that again.