Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My Palisade Falls Haiku

Adventure buddies--
a priceless commodity
on bright afternoons

when the sun looks down,
and we stomp through the deep snow
to the frozen falls.

The forest is still,
but the snow crunches and squeaks,
pushed down by our feet.

Our voices are mute
as we huff up the steep hill,
our breathing in sync.

There, we snap photos
recording our adventure,
capturing the scene.

The frozen water
spills stiffly from the tall cliff,
white and glacier blue.

We stand together,
happily admiring
Mother nature's art.

In this winter-scape,
his warm, gentle company
chases out the chill.

Today, I am glad
my adventure buddy is--
here with me to "be."


Don said...

I fought off the urge to read this just once and comment. I wanted to savor the post...

I think you've created a haiku sonnet. Wow. (You should teach English.)

My master's research thesis asked the question: Does your writing teacher write? (Your students are lucky.)

And... adventure buddies are priceless. Companionship rocks!

Miss H~ said...

Thanks, Don! :) I'll try to keep it comming. P.S. Can I be in your classroom? The more I read about what you're doing the more moved, inspired, and curious I am.

Saphron said...

Haikus are my favorite. You did an excellent, excellent job with this. And it's so nice to have a life, and a somebody, who inspires you to write. Keep having a wonderful time. :)