Monday, March 9, 2009

A step back...

My mom is the best. Every once in a while she'll send me a surprise package with some little treasure. It might be a new capaline shirt, a coupon for something I might need, a fuzzy pair of socks, warm winter mittens, or even a little note just to say "hi." But this time, I came home to find a really great treasure-- my baby pictures.

Some people might not think this is much to get excited about, but then again that "some" of people didn't have everything blow away in a tornado this spring. I am lucky I didn't lose a loved one, but of the things my family and I lost, one of the greatest losses was our personal photos. With time, though, some are trickling in, like the package my mom sent me the other day.

Apparently my aunt had saved some of those billfold-sized baby pictures from when my mom sent them out 26 years ago, and my aunt even took a few pictures herself. She gave them all to my mom, and now I have some of them. Needless to say, this package was priceless, and thank goodness it made the 1000 mile journey to Montana without incident! (Thank you Mr. Postman!)

Being able to look back at baby-me helps me appreciate all of the adventures and events that have happened over the course of my entire life. The pictures are the visual reminders of where I've been, what I was (even in my awkward junior high phases), and the people who were there along the way. Even if I would have lost the pictures for good, I still would have a history. But, the pictures are the visual reminder of that history; they are my porthole into the past reminding me of the little details that can only be captured by a snap shot. They help me remember and realize just how far I've come-- from my first smiles to my college graduation and everything in between and beyond. They remind me of my progress which is, of course, especially important on those miserable days when it feels like I'm sliding backwards instead of plowing ahead. And one day, I hope these pictures will help my kids see that I am not all that unlike them in looks or in experiences-- I too once had to learn how to smile, crawl, read, overcome adversity, grow, and be me.

So today's post is dedicated to my Aunt Linda and my Mom. Thank you for being you, for all the help you've offered me, and for giving me back a little chunk of my history. I am grateful.


Ashlea said...

Ah! I love warm fuzzies! I am so glad that you got some pictures back!

Peter said...

Great story! I find it amazing that when we thought something was lost that we are that much richer for the experience when it is found.--Pete