Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Groundhog Moment?

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Winter this year feels like it has long overstayed its welcome. Just this past week (half way into April, mind you) it snowed almost non-stop for a day or so, leaving us with well over a foot of it at our house-- and to think, it used to be one of my favorite seasons, Ha! I'm not sure if it's because I'm tired of driving on winter roads, mustering through the cold, or the fact I didn't get to enjoy the snow this season through my usual winter adventures as much I am used to, but I am without out a doubt more than over winter. I want spring!
Another downer I've experienced this winter, is having the winter blues (a.k.a. cabin fever). The winter blues have been known to be corrallated to of a lack of sunshine (I don't know how the folks in Alaska do it) and a lack of activity. This year the blues have really taken their toll on me, which is a little unusual. I usually find a way to force myself outside to get that extra sunshine and activity, but for some reason that just didn't happen as much as it should have this year. As a result, I'm lacking my usual spunk and often feel like I'm tinted light blue around the edges with an intermittent splash of grumpy. This is not my favorite state of being! I'm ready to get back to my cheerful little self full of spunk and quirky energy, ready to tackle whatever adventures come at me. Where are you Spring?

Lucky for me, Spring sort of showed up this week. Friday was bright and sunny, at least for the last half of the day. Saturday was fantastic, melting well over half of the snow dumped on us earlier in the week. And, as I look out my window this morning and listen to the birds chirp, it looks like Sunday is going to be marvelous. Apart from the weather, we also had an invitation to start a local softball league. At first I was apprehensive; it's been a long time since I've fielded grounders and swung a bat, but after a little prodding from our friend, receiving a new pink and black glove (a gift from the new chapter), and a little practice in our backyard yesterday, I'm kind of excited. It will be an excuse to get outside, be active, and have some fun with new friends. Sounds like a great spring/summer activity to me!
Despite the long winter and the winter blues, it looks like spring has at least attempted to peek its pleasant little head out of it's burrow. The weather seems to be getting nicer, my mood has lifted a bit, I'm able to get outside more, and I'm starting to feel a bit more energetic. Let's just hope Spring decides to stay above ground for all of us to enjoy!

Happy Spring! Happy Sunday! :)


alissa said...

yeah for spring! i love that feeling of coming out of hibernation. go run in the mountains like the chic from sound of music haha 'the hills are alive...'
as for softball,im forced to play on our team and i am AWFUL. but i like the sit outside and drink beer side of it!

Miss H~ said...

I'm looking forward to the sit outside and have fun part of it too. I almost didn't join because I'm so bad, but I was assured it's more about the fun than the winning. I just hope that's true! I'm also pumped to give my new pink & black glove a whirl. Pink power! :)

Happy Spring, my friend! :) Let the soft pitches begin!

Don said...

Hopin' Spring arrives and stays for you. The blogosphere has made me more aware of the seasons, and has made me appreciate the lower lattitude of So Cal. (Today seems like the first day of... summer here: 90 degrees!) We were mid 60's last week, so I wore a long sleeved shirt--that time of year is passing.

The glove sounds awesome. I love pink and black, also pink and gray. My wife got new walking shoes in those tones.

Enjoy the game, the friends, and the sunshine!


Saphron said...

I am so with you on the feelings about winter this year. I used to love it! But I'm feening so much for warmth and full-bodied sunshine (instead of pale, imposter sunshine...) Just gotta shrug off this rain now and I think we here in the Midwest will be home free.

Happy Spring!