Sunday, April 12, 2009


(Please Note: my new nest does NOT have eggs in it.)

This week has been crazy. We had parent-teacher conferences two nights last week (a.k.a. two really long days/nights), and I started the moving process. As of 8:15pm Easter Sunday I can proudly say that I'm 95% moved in and am 100% exhausted. I'm so glad I have a three-day weekend to get 100% moved, 100% settled, and 100% recovered.

So far so good, though. It helps that I don't have all that much stuff (only a room full) and that I'm a pretty organized mover. The New Chapter has a pretty great pick-up too, which means we could get the biggest bang for our buck on each load and could get all of my stuff in three loads, wahoo!!

The process has been interesting too. In the past when I have moved I haven't really had to worry much about blending with another person's habits, styles, and stuff. I've had roommates and host families before, but it just seems different this time-- and it is. I'm learning there is definitely a need for balance when merging two lives and all the stuff (both literally and figuratively) that goes with them. I have been given a great room and bathroom, and I'm trying to keep my "touch" in those places. I'm trying not to be too overpowering, which can be quite the trick being the Taurus and teacher that I am! After all, one of the reasons why he and I work so well is because we balance each other nicely. It only makes sense that our place should show this balance. And, not to my surprise, in maintaining the balance, it's starting to feel like home-- his fish mounts and deer antlers mixed in with my color coordinated stuff and girly smells. It works. It feels like us. It feels like home.


Don said...

While on vacation, the wife and I went to a certain restaurant two or three times. We like it there.

One of the reasons is the servers. One of them, a guy, stopped by our table at some point in our dinner and said, "Are we all smiles here?"

As I read your post, I'm all smiles for you!


alissa said...

yeah! im so happy for you. sounds like its going well.
lll admit when i heard the fish and heads mounted on the wall...well you can imagine my reaction haha. just never fell in love with the elk in the living room :)
but im pumped! hopefully this week is less crazy with work!

Miss H~ said...

I'm all smiles for you and your wife! I'm so glad you had a great vacation. Those are always great, especially after the end of a quarter. Thanks for the smiles!

I know... dear heads and my stuff... what a match, huh? I actually thought of your dad's elk head when I typed up the post and what you'd say if you saw our abode... Hopefuly you'll get to see it sooner than later! :)