Monday, May 25, 2009

Looking Back...

It has been a year since the tornado leveled my hometown. It's hard to imagine. So much has happened since I got those frantic phone calls from my friends and family making sure everyone was okay. Looking back on it know, the whole thing was eerie and really scary. Oddly, even though we're on the upswing of things, today I feel just as obsessed as I did the day it happened. For the last five hours I've been sitting at my computer 1,000 miles away from home, gleaning any and all information I can glean as to how my hometown is remembering what was lost and celebrating what has been reconstructed. Today I don't feel helpless, like the days that followed immediately followed the tornado; Today I feel homesick wishing I were closer to those who understand what happened.

On the positive side, I can also look through the old articles, posts, and videos and remember just how lucky I am. I'm lucky no one in my family was hurt. I'm lucky my parents and brother are doing well. I'm lucky that I am from a hometown that doesn't give up. I'm lucky for modern technology that helps me feel as connected as possible on a day that I feel farther than 1,000 miles from home. For these things, I am grateful.

In my quest to stay connected, I've found some video I'd like to share on the progress of my little home town. I was so lucky that I even found a segment that showed my parent's new house. The last time I saw the house (at Christmas time) the basement was full of snow and the trusses had yet to be put up. Now, it's nearly finished despite the harsh winter Parkersburg had. The progress really inspiring. (P.S. It's the square house with the chimney and the rock on the corner of the lot).

So on today May 25, 2009, I'd like to take a moment to pay tribute to the 9 who died in the tornado, the folks who survived it, and all of the folks who were there to put the pieces back together.

Here's a second video that helps capture what went on in Parkersburg today....


alissa said...

i was thinking about you today :)
it is really neat that you can see whats going on with all of the technology - your parents house looks great!
its a tough little town, its awesome to see what theyve done in the last year.

also, in a completely inappropriate sidenote, where did johns hair go?

Miss H~ said...

Where did it go? And when did Chris Luhring become Captain McAwesome? Oh wait... that happened the night he talked Leroy out of charging us with trespassing in the pool :)

One of the weirdest things about finding all of these clips was how grownup and awesome all of our old friends have become. makes me feel like I need to move back to let some of their awesomeness start to rub off.

Thanks for thinking of me. It was a weird day, but then again you know all about those. Thanks for being awesome! :)

Don said...

You and your town make me proud to be an Iowan by birth. Although I grew in California, we were transplanted Mid-westerners with my Mom's Mason City culture being dominant. That was a good thing.

Looking back... a good title.

(I'm glad that my post on a Friendly Universe struck you. Seeing your post here, I can somewhat understand. Emotional Freedom from past "hurts" is a gift, and special people at special times is another. Sometimes they happen at the same time. Amazing.)

Thanks for posting.


PS: Looking back... Looking ahead!

Mrs. Nesbitt said...

Hey babe! Very cool blog entry. I enjoyed watching the news clip. Your parents house looks fantastic. Will it be close by the time you go back and visit? I'm amazed at how far your town has come. Holy cow! You aren't kidding when you talk about the Iowa work ethic. It's not surprising you are what you are... you come from very healthy stock... koudos.