Sunday, May 17, 2009

A perfect day...

My idea of a perfect day was today. It wasn't over the top. I didn't go on any amazing adventures nor was I the outgoing social butterfly I can sometimes be, but it was still remarkable in its own ordinary way. There isn't a thing I'd change about it, especially not that amazing Montana sunset that marked its end.

I hope you have a perfect day. :)


Saphron said...

I laid in bed all day with music and language as my companions. Nearly perfect, I must say!

I wish you'd give us a tad bit more detail about what made your day so perfect...but, I guess I'll let you have your privacy. ;)

Don said...

" was still remarkable in its own ordinary way..."

Those who find perfection in the ordinary and miracles in sunsets, will have many happy days.

Happy Tuesday Night!


PS: My principal commands us daily over the loudspeaker, "Be smart. Be happy. Make it a great day at El Portal."

I'm a good employee. I do what I'm told! I have lots of great days!

Dan Felstead said...

Miss H,
I could tell from your other blog...and your Cyber are a teacher! I just wanted to thank you for your honest interpretation of my photo on PPP of the church. I really like your honest approach to writing.

Dan Felstead

Ms. Hoogie said...
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Miss H~ said...

Thanks for the kind words guys. Thanks, Dan, for sharing your beautiful picture. It really does remind me of where I grew up. I'm glad you guys are having great days! Let's keep 'em coming!

alissa said...

i had one last week :) favorite food, favorite place.
taking your lead and keeping the details under wraps.

oh! and I totally get to hang with you in ONE MONTH