Sunday, June 14, 2009

Congrats Dr. Chris & Dr. Sarah!

(Photo from here.)

On Friday, one of my former roommates was married to a wonderful gal. The wedding was absolutely beautiful and the party that followed was fantastic. The colors they chose were as bright and happy as their personalities. There were lots of wildflowers and amazing views of spring green pastures leading to the snow-capped Spanish Peaks beyond. It really was breath taking, and couldn't have been a more perfect reflection of such a grand pair of folks.

At the reception, which was held in a barn with windows overlooking the scene described above, the tables were clad with snow white linens, adorned with bright wild flowers, and held more than an ample supply of wine. Thanks to my friend Lisa and the encouragement of a few other friends, my glass was never empty. As a result, not only did I have a screaming headache the next day, but I was told the party had some rather interesting moments, including the little nose dive I took into the grass as I was coming out of the outhouse... I'm just glad I know how to tuck and roll and am able to laugh at myself when it really is the only reasonable reaction.

Regardless, it was beautiful wedding, and it was made of the stuff weddings are supposed to be made of... The wedding was about them and their commitment to one another, not about the wedding itself. It's so great to be at weddings like this when great people understand fully what they are about to begin, and it is obvious to all in attendance that it's a marriage that will last. It's fun, it's moving, and it's what weddings are supposed to be like. Thanks Chris and Sarah for inviting me to be a part of your day, I wish you the best life has to offer; you deserve nothing less. Congratulations on your marriage.

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Don said...

"I'm just glad I know how to tuck and roll and am able to laugh at myself when it really is the only reasonable reaction."

Well said. Wine will do that. Yeah, it will.

A great wedding is such a life affirming occasion. Glad you got to witness it and enjoy it!