Monday, June 8, 2009

A fun find!

Hello friends. I just have to let you know about a blog I found, Woodpixels and Narratives. This is a blog put together by a gentleman who takes photos and offers them up for narration. I fell in love with the picture below. For those of you who know me, I'm sure you can understand why this picture spoke to me. I found it over at pictures poetry & prose a couple of weeks ago and commented. Then low and behold, Dan (the photographer) found my blog, and so the blogging network story continues... But really, you should check him out. His stuff is great! It's hard not to be inspired.

"The Church"
Photo by Dan Felstead
Wood and Pixels Narratives -
ETSY Shop: Wood andPixels -


Dan Felstead said...

Miss H...
Thank you for the kind words and I truly appreciate the mention of my blog. I would love to know the story behind the interest in this particular photo if it isn't too personal. If so, no worries...just curious!


Miss H~ said...


I'm from a small farming town Iowa and come from a deeply religious background. This church scene captures a good chunk of my childhood between the little white church, the cornfields, and the trees in the distance. So I guess it feels personal because it takes me home, in a sense. I don't know that I have any particular story that's triggered by the image; I just have a flood of memories.

The colors are pretty realistic too. There's nothing quite like "Iowa green", and those colors captured in the sky are not all that different from some of those summer nights/evenings that stuck out to me growing up.

Thanks for asking. Hopefuly I answered your question.

Dan Felstead said...

Thanks Miss H....
I am from the Midwest as well so I can identify these same types of memories.

Thanks again,