Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Slipping into Summer...

(Palisade Falls)

(Yellow buds of something)

It always takes me a bit to slide into the routine of summer. It takes a while to slow down when I'm used to running 100 miles per hour five days a week and worrying about all that has to be done. But, I'm settling nicely. Last night after my run, I had a chance to go to one of my favorite spots around here. I took the camera with me to try to capture a few wild flowers and play with the functions on my camera. This is what I came up with... It was a great little adventure and I can't wait for the ones that will follow! :)

(Glacier Lily with friends)

(Glacier lily with sidekick)


Dan Felstead said...

Miss are so lucky...I search all summer for beautiful scenic spots as these and you just casually take them during an evening walk! The waterfall is really nice.


alissa said...

yeah! i love summer because you're blogging again!

Don said...

Nice pics. I like the lily with side-kick. (Is Palisades Falls where you hiked this summer when it was frozen?)

Congrats on a new camera. How fun. (Tomorrow is my last school day!)


Miss H~ said...

Thanks, Don. Congrats on the last day! May your summer be filled with amazing adventures and plenty of relaxing!

Yes, it is the same falls I hiked to this winter... the one that was frozen. Great memory!

Have a great weekend!

Saphron said...

Oh, I love that little sidekick.

I always enjoy those moments when I'm not doing anything in particular and then get this weird, panicked rush and think, 'I'm supposed to be doing something!!' And then I realize...nope. I'm not. :)

Enjoy those moments!