Saturday, July 25, 2009


A photo I took on a recent hike with The New Chapter

Today was a day

I could smile

and say,

"There is verry little I would change."

I'd love to hear about a day or a moment you wouldn't change, or at least wouldn't change very much...


Saphron said...

Recently, a moment -

Sitting up on a hill at sunset, letting wild grass tickle my legs, coming to understand why the Native Americans considered nature a mother and a friend, a kindred soul.

Miss H~ said...

beautiful moment, Saphron. I'm glad you had the chance to have it! :) I hope you have a great start to your week!

alissa said...

i wouldnt change this sudden gusto of go-gettem-theres-potential feeling i have lately. im loving it and i want it to stick around

Dan Felstead said...

For me it was the day I looked out of the window of the Chateau de Chillon on Lake Lemon in Switzerland.

Many years later I still remember it as one of those "Perfect" days. Thanks for the remeinder.


Miss H~ said...


I hear ya sister! I too am having a strong dose of the lets-get-after-its, and it's fantastic! ;) I too hope it sticks as long as possible. It's in these moments I'm the happiest and most productive!

Miss H~ said...


What a beautiful memory. It reminds me of some of the memories I had from my year in Europe... Especially the warm, spring afternoons I would run on road parallell to the Rhine and past a 15th century castle. The road was cannopied by the trees and bold magenta pianees (sp?) dotted the roadside.

Thanks! :)