Monday, July 27, 2009

Check this out...

I thought I'd treat myself to a video from my local video store today. I haven't visited the store in a while as it seems like I've seen a good chunk of the new titles or that the movies just don't look that appealing to me at the moment. Today's visit to the store started out in that way, but then at the very last minute this independent film, Last Stop for Paul, caught my eye.

I happen to be reading a really good book at the moment based on a similar idea (friends spreading the ashes of another friend), and I love to travel, so I thought I'd give it a whirl. I'm so glad I did. It's a little out-there at times, but if you've ever traveled (especially outside of your own country) or have ever had the travel/adventure bug, you should really take a look at this picture. It will take you back to your favorite travel "out-there" adventures and/or make you want to find some new ones.

Another cool thing about this film-- which you can find and read more about under the "about" link on the movie's website-- is that there were really only three people on the entire crew at any given time. They also filmed the entire thing with one camera, a couple of wireless microphones, three batteries, and a rough outline for their story. Who says you can't do more for less in the film industry? It's hard not to be inspired by the creativity and resourcefulness used to create this film.

It really is a treat of a film. Enjoy :)


Don said...

I just might have to check this one out. Just watching the trailer brings back memories of past travels. Travelogues have a special appeal... universal wanderlust?


Miss H~ said...

I think so!

Saphron said...

Seems like all the summer movies I want to see now may end up being rentals for me in six months!

What's so cool about technology now is that really, if you have a camera (not even a solely 'video' camera!) and a relatively new laptop, you can put together a movie of your own. I remember some artsy friends of mine in college creating a kung fu movie. It was hilarious and really fun to watch take shape.