Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Cocktail Connection

As a wandering spirit, friendship can be hard sometimes. Because I have a tendency to wander around, my dearest friends and family aren't always close by. This can be especially problematic when life gets hard or frustrating. But thank God for technology (a.k.a. phones and the Internet)!

Tonight I had the chance to have a 3-way-long-distance-cocktail. See, I started chatting with my best friend from college while sipping on a glass of wine, and before I knew it I was also chatting and sipping on wine with my best friend from home via the Internet. We all sort of know each other, so I started sharing what I was hearing from both ends of the conversation with my two friends, and before we knew it we had a long distance cocktail party that joined three very good friends from three very different locations (Kansas City, Montana, and Oregon).

I know this may sound silly, but when you find yourself so far away from the friends who have known you the longest, the friends who keep you grounded, and know you for who you really are without a need for explanation, this is a gift.

I feel lucky. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. I have such good friends even if we live far apart....

Thank you Lord for amazing friends, the technology that helps us stay connected, and for a good glass of wine. :)


Peter said...

I guess distance is a relative matter, even before (I hope) technology. Thanks.

Miss H~ said...

Good point :)

Don said...

I became "single" again in my 40s and I marveled at the ability of younger singles to maintain friendships and other fulfilling relationships.

If you never stop finding ways to get your social "fix," you'll keep those lines of communication open. I had to start over, but you? You're doing fine.

Ashlea said...

Oh for the love of three-way cocktails. I do have to say I haven't had that much fun or laughed like that is a while.

Here is to friends and wine!

Saphron said...

Wine, friends, and the 'net does sound like fun. :D