Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The wishing basket

A few weeks ago in church there were folks who got up to tell their thanksgiving stories. It was fantastic to hear different perspectives from folks I didn't know very well. I connected to each story in some way which gave me an incredible sense of peace and belonging.

There was one story in particular that stuck out to me. One woman got up and talked about the struggles she faced as a single mom teaching in a private school in the Caribbean. Times were really tough, and she wasn't quite sure what to do. So, she and her two sons developed a ritual. They took a hand-made basket, made by a friend of theirs, and turned it into a wishing basket. Then, each time the family had a need they would go to the ocean, pick out a coral to represent that need, number it, and record it. When a need was met they took that need's coral back to the ocean on a clear and starry night, thanked the universe for its help, and then gave the coral back to the ocean. It was amazing to hear how the universe provided for this woman and her two boys and how they were grateful each time.

I latched on to this woman's ritual. I found a wishing cup, picked up stones for each of the needs I had, and kept track of them in a little book. The interesting thing is, my needs are starting to be met. One by one, little by little. I am so grateful. I am so happy. I am so blessed. The whole scenario reminds me of our parting song at church...

From You I receive;
To you I give.
Together we share;
Together we live.

The universe really is an amazing place. Sometimes it's hard to see it's beauty when it seems to continually take from us. At the same time, though, it always provides in one way or another. There is beauty in both the giving and the receiving; for this, I am grateful.

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Don said...

Nice post, and a good idea. Those who see the glass as "half full" would really benefit. What you're doing is creating a measurement system. We often over or underestimate what really happens until we have some measurement system. I sometimes keep a log in my classroom to see who's going to the bathroom and how often. It assures me that there is not a problem, or if there is, I just need to talk to one person, not the whole class.