Sunday, December 21, 2008

Santa's Workshop

Today I've been finalizing my Christmas presents. I bought what I had to buy and have been making the things I am going to make. I must say, making these presents really has put me in the Christmas spirit. The hand-made presents aren't quite done yet, but I'm shooting to have them done by the end of the night. I just hope they turn out as I originally envisioned. I guess only time will tell. So far, I know I'd like to be the recipient of one of the hand-made presents... It also helps that my friends are generally good sports about this sort of thing. :)

Anyhow... I'm just waiting for the stain to dry; then I can move on to the next step in the finishing process. In the mean time, I have a nice cup of hot cocoa and lovely Christmas tunes playing in the background.

Life is good; it's really good. :)

Happy Holidays!

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Don said...

Congrats on your promotion to elf!