Friday, January 16, 2009

I spoke too soon

I hate it when I get ahead of myself. Last night was so beautiful, and today I find myself uncomfortably anxious. I feel so anxious, in fact, that I don't quite feel human. I feel more like The Scream than I care to admit!
I know that the anxiety is just fall-out from a really stressful week (which isn't over yet) and from a few other things... but that still doesn't make me a fan of this feeling. I tried to run it out-- it's beautiful here (Sunny and 45 degrees above zero) unlike the dreadfully cold temps in the Midwest-- but the the residue of the anxiety is is still here. Boo Hiss!! I know it will pass in time; it always does, but that still doesn't make me a fan! Have I mentioned how much I dislike this time of the school year???

I just have faith that it will all disappear by Monday night. By then my grades will be completely submitted, we'll be done with day one of semester two, and... remember that "new chapter" I wrote about a while ago... the page turner??? Well, he'll (yes, Saphron, you were right) be home after being gone for a month. Like I said, all will be well in about three days. How could it not??

So until then, I'll be doing a ton of running, grading, and pacing.

Happy Friday!!


Ashlea said...

Can we add calming cocktail connection to your list of running,pacing & grading??

Saphron said...

I'm glad he'll be home soon. ;)

Reality bites, doesn't it? Sometimes I find myself wondering when the day will come that we are taken to that starry night (or that peaceful river, or whatever brings one the most peace) forever. I hope that doesn't sound morbid, I just mean that it's good to remind ourselves every now and then that things won't always be so hectic/frantic/anxious/plain weird.

Happy weekend!

Miss H~ said...

Of course, dear, Ash, of course! :)