Thursday, January 15, 2009

A Starry Night

It has been a long week. The end of the semester is always chaotic, but I think I almost have everything dialed in. At least enough so that I had the chance to go for a nice de-stressing walk under a sky full of stars. Man, was it beautiful.

I usually do some of my best thinking under a starry sky. Tonight I didn't think too much though, I just enjoyed the moment. I had a few minor epiphanies like wow, I think I'm getting older- I don't require constant pop and sizzle to find happiness. And, I'm really lucky right now; life is treating me really well. I hope it doesn't end anytime soon. Or, maybe I should start a dream jar, a place to put spare change and a few spare bucks in order to make some of the things on my bucket list a reality. But, mostly I was just enjoying being. I was just being me, just being happy, and just being in the beautiful starry night.


Don said...

I think I'm about two weeks behind you: still in the hectic-ness of mid-year grades/tests, etc.

But today, as I leave for work, I go riding on the coat-tails of your happiness. Thanks!

Ashlea said...

I want a starry night! Sounds great friend, just great!