Saturday, November 15, 2008

Eric Hutchinson

Now here's a guy I've been groovin' out to for the last few months especially on my commute to and from work (yes, I am proud to say I'm that crazy lady who boogies out in her driver's seat). He has great lyrics and a beat that makes me want to cut a rug-- no matter where I'm at. It's rare to find a musician that can make me think and groove out at the same time, but this guy has it figured out.

Dance it up friends! Dance it up :)


Don said...

This is head-boppin', mood-settin', good stuff. I'm listening on Rhapsody. ;-)

Saphron said...

Hey! This is some good stuff! Thanks, now I have a new artist to explore!

alissa said...

Ok so i was friends with a guy named eric hutchinson in college-we worked together. and he played the guitar and moved to nashville to make it or whatever. so i read this and its like HOLYSHITE eric! how exciting is that? ahh

but turns out thats not him. unless he had some major plastic surgery.

come to think of it maybe his last name wasnt even hutchinson. but it started with an h - that im sure of.

Don said...

A month later and I'm still listening to his album: at home and after school at work!

Thanks for the tip!