Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I've been tagged...

I've been tagged by my friend over at grace's birdcage wedding. I'm supposed to tell six quirky or boring things about myself and then "tag" a blogger or two to do the same... I thought it might be kind of fun and a light-hearted way to start out Thanksgiving Break.

#1 I sometimes put juice on my Rice Crispies. I don't remember where I picked up this weird habit, but I remember trying it out once and thinking it was delicious. I still do it now but only on occasion.

#2 I can speak Dutch and thoroughly enjoy singing the Dutch birthday song at the top of my lungs in public places for my friends. I don't think they appreciate it quite as much as I do, but it makes people smile none the less.

#3 I secretly enjoy a good skinny dip. I became addicted after my first attempt at a camp out with some high school classmates. I'm usually extremely modest, but I get a certain thrill from being a tad bit rebellious and liberated while swimming around in the dark (it must be dark!) in my birthday suit.

#4 I was once a fair princess for my county (a title that still makes me giggle). I didn't quite have the pleasure of being the beef queen or the pork princess, it was just Ms. Butler County. It didn't last long though. Less than 30 minutes after the coronation, I had to give up my tierra because I couldn't go to the state fair competition. I had bigger fish to fry-- my year as an exchange student to The Netherlands was to start the same week as the state fair.

#5 I snort when I laugh. It's funny how people react to this quirk. Either they look at me with disgust and say, "Excuse you," or they erupt in laughter. I have a phrase or two that helps me own this quirk: "Been snorting since '82" or "It's just part of the package." Usually these lines work to gloss things over when it gets awkward.

#6 I sing "I'm a Little Teapot" when I get scared. For some reason going back to my pre-school day memories helps ease my nerves. Perhaps it's traveling back in time to Mrs. Lawler's Wiggle and Giggle Preschool where there were bright colors, fun toys, and lots and lots of singing that puts me at ease. And maybe that's why I still like to sing an array of songs for any occasion including "The Iowa Fight Song" and the fore mentioned Dutch birthday song.

Okay, there are my six quirks. What are yours? I tag my followers: Don, Peter, Saphron, and anyone else who wants to play.


alissa said...

I forgot about juice on rice krispies! It really was pretty good. Remember your koolaid? You would put in like 7 cups of sugar. It was like syrup - delicious.

I dont know what kind of friend would let you swim naked in her pond. Or run and grab your swimming suit when the cops were about to bust you in a public pool. But you should hang on to that one.

Miss H~ said...

Oh, friend. Thanks for tagging me. The memories came flooding back! P.S. I too played with baby dolls longer than most and look forward to being able to do play with them again if I have a little girl :) See, I knew there was a reason why we're friends!

Hugs! :)

Saphron said...


Don said...

I'm game. (I've already picked the three people to tag, but I'll have to figure out how to build the link. Hmmm... probably that url thing.)

Peter said...

Oh crap! My whole life is boring and quirky. How do I separate all of that stuff out? I'll have to give this some thought. When I come up with six, I'll post. :-)