Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wine, Frozen Pizza, and Dessert

I'm about to have a seemingly ordinary night. I'm about to go over to a good friend's house for dinner, wine, and a good long session of cheesy, prime time television. I'm planning on bringing a few brownie bowls and a fresh bottle of Ten Spoon to celebrate the moment.

To most, this sort of evening is pretty ordinary, but I assure you it's not (hence the brownies and wine). See, I've learned there are very few people out there with whom you can just sit and be -- they're not flustered by the silence or the ordinariness of it. I'm lucky because I've always been able to find one of these friends no matter where I've lived, and they have all been responsible for saving my sanity at one time or another. I know I'd be pretty lost without my wine-frozen pizza-dessert night-buddies. So even though tonight might seem ordinary, I know that it's not. How could it be when I get to hang with a good friend and just be?


Saphron said...

I've often found myself avoiding those friends who must talk through every moment, hash and rehash...I, also, enjoy the friends who just know how to 'be.'

You know what else some people don't understand? Telephone silence. I'm not out to waste anyone's minutes, but there's something to be said for just knowing--feeling--there's someone on the other end, that you're not completely alone. That feeling doesn't always need words.

Don said...

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Peter said...

Love it!

Ashlea said...

Those would be the best nights friend! The best! Even if they are over the phone.