Sunday, November 9, 2008

A Sense of Balance

I've started to do yoga on a regular basis in conjunction with a nice long walk/run. I'm amazed at how taking a few moments to stretch, breathe, relax, and move can help keep me centered. My walk is probably one of my favorite sections of the routine because no matter the route I choose, I am surrounded by snow-caped mountains. It's beautiful. It helps remind me to keep it real. It's so easy to get caught up in the questions, in left over stress from work, in the what-ifs and the what-the-hecks from relationships, and the general pressure to live at Nascar pace. It's so nice to take an hour or so and put things back into perspective-- to get back to center.

This Sunday, I've started with a nice yoga session, am about to enjoy a nice hot cup of coffee, go to church, and then get ready for the week. I'm starting to like this Sunday routine. It's nice to start off the week at center instead of drooping heavily to the right or left. So hurrah for the sense of "om" and for the fresh start of a week. Who knows what this week will have in store! :)


Saphron said...

I've been hearing so many positive things about yoga lately that I may just have to try it out.

And I'm jealous you live by snow-capped mountains. *sob*

I really like your blog!

alissa said...

hello love! so fun that you've joined the blogging world:) its addictive.

Miss H~ said...

Thanks for reading my blog! :) You're my first readers. It is amazing how addicting this is. It's also such a cool way to network.

P.S. I'm just starting with the yoga on tape, but I'm amazed at how great that can be.