Thursday, November 27, 2008

A National Day of Listening

In church last week, a woman spoke briefly about a National Day of Listening. Apparently NPR declared the day after Thanksgiving a "National Day of Listening" in which we should make a conscious effort to listen to one anther's life stories, record them if possible, and share. This project is sponsored by Story Corp, a group dedicated to uniting people by allowing us to share our stories. I think the quote from the National Day of Listening Website describes this project best:

By listening to their stories, you will be telling them that they matter and they won’t ever be forgotten.

How cool is that?? I double-dog dare you to check it out, and I triple-dog dare you to do it! :)

I hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving. Mine was one for the books. My cup overfloweth. :)


Don said...

I like the name of the book the project has inspired: Listening is an Act of Love. (Love, re-spelled?)

One author describes a teacher's listening to a parent as, "And she regarded her..." Love, regard, listening... (It's kind of like reading someone's blog and commenting.) ;-) You've been heard.

Saphron said...

Lately I've been asking the elders in my family for stories from their youth. One day I may be the only one who can re-tell them, and I find that pretty poignant.

In HS I read 'Having Our Say,' by the Delaney sisters (both now deceased). The one thing I will never forget is the sentiment that there were people from their childhood whom literally no one else remembered but them, because they lived so long ago. Perhaps people really do live on, in some sense, until they are finally forgotten in full.

Thanks for this post.

Don said...

Hey, There was a picture on a blog today and I composed a poem. The picture is of a well decorated street in some tiny out-in-the-middle-of-nowhere town (probably in Montana). After I wrote it... I dedicated to some teacher out in Montana, a Hawkeye, a Miss H~... Check it out!

From Don -- the city boy!